A Groundbreaking New

 Miracle Baby Sleep System™

     that can stop babies' crying instantly,
       and dramatically improve their sleep health!
Recommended by Pediatricians, Hospitals, DayCare Centers, and thousands of parents in over 50 countries around the world.

• Not a gimmick
• Not another lullaby CD
• Not a white-noise "soother"
The BabySleep System is a set of scientifically produced audio recordings designed to help extend babies' sleep with less interruptions.

baby sleep
  • Can stop crying instantly
  • Allows babies to feel safe and lower stress and agitation
  • Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • So powerful, it's been selected for clinical study!

  • baby sleep

baby sleep
No other product can compare!
It's a systematic approach that couldn't be simpler.
When it's time to sleep, your baby misses the most comfortable, peaceful and SAFE place s/he has ever known: THE WOMB!

Womb Reintroduction Therapy (WRT) is the process of offering a hint of your baby's previous world, to minimize the *shock* your baby is experiencing.
Smoothing the transition between womb and world is the SECRET.

Compare to other products:

The Miracle BabySleep System™ featuring the WombEffect™ is a highly accurate reproduction of the SOUND of the womb - as your baby remembers it - UNDERWATER!.

SO ACCURATE, in fact, that it has been used in University testing, and a clinical trial is set to begin in 2012 to study it's effects in the NICU.

Early observations are showing better development, better well-being, and far better sleep when babies are played this groundbreaking new system.

As you read below, you'll discover how using multiple CDs can dramatically make your job easier! With this system, you will create an environment that allows more opportunity for your little one to safely drift off to sleep.

Two Purchase Options:


• CD #1: "Ramp to Sleep"
Play this CD first to get your baby naturally tired while you are still with her. The music will naturally calm her. When your little one begins to nod off, bring her into the room where she will be sleeping, where CD#2 is already playing.
• CD #2: "Sleep Through the Night"
This CD should be playing on 'repeat', in the room that your baby will be sleeping. This CD is specially tailored for use on a small music player, or "boombox."
This natural transition between CDs and rooms will minimize the chance of her waking up,realizing that you are about to leave her all alone. This can greatly reduce issues of separation anxiety!
• CD #3: "Adult Sleep"
This CD can help mom, dad or caregiver get a better sleep, too, It uses the new "rolling white noise" technology.
• And a Special Bonus Disc:
• CD #4: "Extended Long Play Versions"
This is a DATA DISC (that loads into a computer or laptop), and contains extended-play MP3's. that are 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour and 7-hour lengths. This is the ideal way to get your baby to sleep through the night, because - like the womb - it is continuous.
• Insert Booklet -

With Baby Sleep Tips and Instructions on getting the best use of the system.


• A FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD for Instant Relief!
With your purchase, you'll instantly receive a link to download MP3 versions of CD#1 and CD#2.


• MP3 Download 2 Disc Zip File Contains:
1) "Sleep Through The Night" BabySleep™ CD
2) "Adult Sleep Soundtrack" Specifically for Parents

The Baby Sleep System™ - vs - White Noise (The truth about white noise):
Static White Noise does not exist in nature. It is - by definition - NOISE. In fact, it is EVERY sound frequency combined together at the same time. If you turn it up loud enough, it sounds like a jet engine. Calming? Organic? Peaceful? Hardly. At best, it can do a good job of masking other extraneous sounds.

Perhaps more interesting is a relatively unknown fact that sound UNDERWATER (i.e., what your baby experienced in the womb) is almost ALL Low-Frequency rumble sounds. White Noise, by contrast, is loudest at the higher frequencies - completely NOT womb-like!

The Baby Sleep System™ - vs - a small stuffed animal:
Sound inside the womb is almost all MID and BASS frequencies, with very little High-frequency energy (which promotes agitation). In contrast, sound OUTSIDE the womb is mostly High-frequency sound, which we hear in our daily lives. In order to reproduce bass frequencies, you need a speaker bigger than a tiny tweeter inside a stuffed animal. It's simply not possible to have an accurate sound coming from a tiny speaker.

In addition, most people associate that "swishy" sound with the sound of the womb. What most people don't know, is that "swishy" sound is the natural sound an UltraSound makes as it scans. That is NOT what it sounds like inside the womb.

The BabySleep System™, on the other hand, is proprietary blend of authentic intrauterine recordings digitally processed to emulate the sound characteristics underwater, and then layered with a unique custom slow-motion ambient musical soundtrack.

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